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February Focus on Letter Writing

February 9, 2010

As you know, Haitian-Bahamian Solidarity is leading a letter writing campaign to the government of The Bahamas — asking for temporary status to Haitians for a set period of time because of the devastation in Haiti. In the long term, we hope to mobilize in support of a realistic and sensible immigration policy with respect to Haitians and their children.

With the recent news of repatriation starting again from Bahamian waters in Exuma, our letters are needed now more than ever. (Check out the recent news articles in The Tribune and The Nassau Guardian – find links below.) We’ve received some important and needed media attention for our campaign, and there have been a number of excellent articles and editorials in Bahamian newspapers in the past week. Let’s keep this momentum and conversation going!

And so we want to initiate a push for February — make our voices heard about this issue! We need to let the Prime Minister know that there are those of us who are still paying attention and STILL want The Bahamas to grant temporary status for Haitians seeking refuge post-earthquake.

If you have already sent in your letter, please consider writing another with a more directed and personal message to the Prime Minister and Minister for the State of Immigration. Let others know about this letter writing campaign. Share ideas here on the website and/or on the Facebook group. Write letters to Bahamian newspapers and call into radio shows when this topic comes up. Let’s sustain the conversations and debates we’ve started.

*** AND For those who haven’t sent in letters yet, all the info you need is right here on our website – check the page “Write for Justice”! Please feel free to personalize and change as you see fit. For Bahamians, if you want to send a letter to your MP as well, please do so! ***

If you have other ideas, suggestions, and/or campaign strategies, PLEASE share and make comments! Also, please let us know if you have any other info you would like linked or shared here on the website or through Facebook.


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