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Articles in the Bahama Journal on Haiti and the Relief Effort

February 20, 2010

This Dastardly Breach

“A number of undocumented Haitian migrants recently landed in the Coral Harbour area, not far from the base that is home to the Royal Bahamas Defense Force.”

“…this mean-land…”

“Try as I might to rationalize how or why it so happens that so very many of my people are hard-hearted, mean and some times downright nasty to the Haitian people living and working in this country, I confess to you my brothers and sisters that, I am today at a loss for words to say how much some of these people – who are brothers and sisters and cousins to me – revolt me.”

“…as hurt subsides…”

“Information coming in from Haiti tells me the good news that hurt now subsides; and that the living are paying their respects to the dead and that things are reaching that point where daily life is resuming with some kind of quotidian regularity.”

In the Aftermath of Catastrophe

“Now that the Republic of Haiti has captured the world’s imagination in the aftermath of catastrophe, it now stands a very good chance of finally waking up from its long night of tragedies and sorrows.”

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