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And The Rich Shall Get Richer: What About the Poor?

February 24, 2010

Yesterday Erin Greene, Angelique Nixon and I appeared on “Plugged In”, Anku Sa Ra and Leah E’s talk show on Island FM to help publicize the work of Haitian-Bahamian Solidarity. While we talked about the issues, we received a call from someone who suggested that Bahamians should be careful of trying too hard to help the poor as the poor are always with us and they might “bring us down”. (Correct me if I’m misremembering, people who heard this, but this is as I recall it.)

So I though this article from Barbados was interesting in the light of that comment. We should never forget that wealth somewhere is very often (very, very often) connected to, or dependent on, poverty somewhere else. As Barbados Underground reports, the Haitian earthquake throws a spotlight on this fact:

The recent catastrophic earthquake which rocked Haiti has exposed one of the weaknesses of modern civilization; the failure to narrow the gap between rich and poor countries. Haiti is a country which has languished at the bottom of the ladder using any yardstick which measures economic and human development. During the period of struggle being experienced by Haiti its regional and international counterparts have failed to advance its economic and other infrastructural development.

via And The Rich Shall Get Richer: What About the Poor? « Barbados Underground.

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