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Stand with Haiti – Reports from Partners in Health

March 23, 2010

Partners in Health has regular updates on their site about the continued relief efforts in Haiti – as they work to keep Haiti in the news and make sure we remember the long road ahead in terms of recovery and rebuilding.

Check out their site for news stories and coverage:

Here are some recent stories:

Celebrating International Women’s Day (Partners in Health around the World)

Improving Access to Clean Water

Project to expedite Food Production

Debating on how to rebuild Haiti


AND they have a petition:

Make a pledge to STAND WITH HAITI—Partners In Health is committed to standing with Haiti now and in the months and years to come, in the communities that have long been our home and in the capital city now working to rebuild itself. Haiti’s struggle may fade from the news, but we will never let it fade from our hearts and minds. Join us. The first step is to stand up and be counted – add your voice to this call for support and show your family, friends, and community that you’re dedicated to Haiti’s recovery.

Spread the word. Remember the struggle continues. Let us continue to push for change.

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