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Write for Justice!

We invite you to send a letter to the Prime Minister of the Bahamas and the Minister of National Security.

Please find a suggested letter & contact info below:


RE: Haitian Bahamian Solidarity in a Time of Crisis

Dear Prime Minister Ingraham & Minister Symonette:

I am deeply concerned about the impact of the earthquake on Haitians in Haiti and in the Diaspora. I am heartened by the responses of international organizations and individual countries to assist Haiti as the massive scale of destruction becomes even more evident. And as part of the global community, we must all do what we can to assist Haitians in their greatest hour of need.

I support the decision by the Prime Minister of The Bahamas to release Haitian migrants from the detention centre and grant them temporary status. Therefore, I urge you to work with the government to also:

• grant all Haitian migrants living in the Bahamas temporary status;
• grant a period of time of immunity for Haitian refugees seeking asylum in the Bahamas while Haiti rebuilds Port Au Prince;
• address the Haitian-Bahamian community directly with a strong and compassionate statement of government support;
• encourage the development of a long-term relationship of exchange with Haiti.

I stand with the Bahamian government in extending my sincerest condolences to Haiti for their devastating losses at this time and support you in all your endeavors to respond compassionately, and with the utmost sensitivity to this tragedy.

Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter.



Contact info:

The Rt. Hon. Hubert Alexander Ingraham
Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

The Hon. Brent Symonette
Minister of National Security
Phone: 242-302-9300 / 322-7624
Fax: 242-328-8212


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